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5 Home Upgrades for under $1,000

Posted by Murray Brown Group on August 2, 2016
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A home that is clean and well maintained is always best for a faster sale and can yield larger profits when it comes time to sell.

Sometimes not everyone is in the position to invest a lot of capital into their home to get it into pristine condition. However, there are a number of enhancements and upgrades that you can do for under $1,000 that will have your home impressing potential buyers. No matter what type of home you are selling there are many ways to implement some upgrades for maximizing value.

Water Filtration – Adding a whole-house filtration system that removes chemicals and pollutants can be a very nice added feature. Many areas across the United States either need to have their drinking water filtered or some have chosen to do this regardless. Rather than purchasing bottled water, installing faucet filters or refilling pitchers, try installing a whole-house filter system for the utmost of convenience. Enjoy filtered water for drinking and general use.

Programmable Thermostat – As heating your home uses a considerable amount of energy, it is best to maximize your efficiency. Programmable thermostats allow you to customize your preferences throughout the day. Even reducing the temperature by one or two degrees while you sleep can save a lot on a monthly basis. WiFi enabled thermostats can now be controlled by your computer or smartphone making usage even more easy.

Add More or Upgrade Outlets – If you are living in an older home you may have older outlets. Adding 3 prong outlets is a smaller project and can increase functionality. Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom outlets to a GFCI receptacle so long as it is grounded. If you are happy with your current electrical system, consider swapping out older tan or dark outlets to crisp white ones. Adding dimmer switches or illuminating plate covers are also great ideas.

Update Fixtures – Updating some of your older fixtures can bring your home into the modern world. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet and drawer handles are a great place to start. How about the faucets? If those are older consider replacing them with newer and more sleek models.

Replace Toilet – Replacing an older, cracked or outdated toilet will make your bathroom look significantly better. Purchasing a new one for a few hundred dollars that is a water saver can save you money on your utility bill.

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